Professional man power service provider

Screening and Short Listing.

The team of professional aspirants after our screening and short listing would satisfy the purpose of your outsourcing purpose.

HR Consultancy.

We would provide right solutions for your requirements to the line of business particularly with processing and expertise in the area.

Psychometric Testing.

We conduct most advanced psychometric tests on the aspirants as to evaluate attitude, behavior and personality of our clients demand.


HR Allied Services

Governance Relations Management.

WASAN CO understands the needs of CLIENT to be as such: General Requirements:

  • Exclusive and dedicated Center in Kuwait to handle Visa process, residencies, immigration, Vehicle registration and other allied services of CLIENT and its employees.
  • Dedicated staff in different languages preferably in Arabic & English.
  • Proper Feedback to CLIENT Head office on a daily, periodical basis.
  • Reporting/Monitoring Methods.
  • Immigration Executive will report to Manager.
  • A web portal which will be specially designed for this purpose will serve the purpose for providing MIS reports to both WASAN CO Management and CLIENT Management.

Service Description

The following are the Services which will be provided by the Dedicated Center:

  • Transfer of residencies for local hire
  • Conversion to residencies for New employees (from visit visa)
  • Conversion to residencies for New employees (from work visa)
  • Renewal of residencies (employees)
  • Cancellation of residency for CLIENT employees
  • Issue and Renewal of Civil Ids for CLIENT Employees
  • Visit Visa extension and Cancellation on CLIENT request
  • Business Visa’s through respected embassies on CLIENT request
  • Renewal of company licenses & vehicle registrations
  • Renewal of driver licenses for CLIENT employees
  • Issue & Renewal of Driving Licenses to CLIENT employees
  • Issue, Renewal & Cancellation of Family residency with regard to CLIENT employee
  • Renewal of Company, Chemical, Export / Import, Building and Industry Licenses.
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